April 14, 2024

Our last day in Tarsia and Calabria started with taking photos of the hotel by drone followed by exploring the caves in the hillside on the way from Tarsia to Ferramonti, Simona told us later that these hand carved caves are very old.

On reaching Ferramonti Gunnhild and Kasper flew the drone once more at the memorial site to record a panorama of the mountains in morning light, this will form a backdrop to the model which will make it easier to locate photographs of the former internment camp by comparing them with the hills in the background. They also took another detailed look at the remains of a barrack building.

Next we drove to the cemetery at Cosenza and with the help of the staff there, we found the graves of 20 inmates from Ferramonti. There is an information board at the foot of the sloping area where these graves are. We photographed and I made 3D lidar scans of most of the graves.

From Cosenza we took a trip to the Sila mountains to experience the beautiful landscape of Calabria.

During the day Kasper was underway with processing the vast photogrammetry task from the hundreds of aerial photos created by the drone. 

After four intense days of scanning, measuring, photographing and documenting here at the Ferramonti memorial site we begin to assess what else we still need to create the detailed virtual 3D model of the entire memorial site and most importantly, how the many stories can be woven into it.

None of this would have been possible without the invaluable help from Simona and the other dedicated volunteers: Director -Teresina Ciliberti, Angelo, Sara, Maruccia, Umberto, and Sara. Here within the volunteer group and the wider community there is clearly a wonderful atmosphere of support and passion for preserving and sharing the memories of Ferramonti. 

Following our excellent interactions with Simona and the other volunteers we now return to Denmark, invigorated by the experiences of our visit. We have collected more than 30 gigabytes of scanning, thousands of collected historic images and memories of all aspects of Camp life, many of which Jakob, Stefan and Simona have started geo-locating within the former camp area.

We are all eager to proceed in our collaboration with creating the multilayered virtual environment of Ferramonti as well as the cemeteries at Tarsia and Cosenza.


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