April 13, 2024

On our third day at Tarsia we started the day with breakfast at the lovely hotel sharing ideas and what we all would be doing during the day, since we have collected a lot of data and now are connecting the pieces. The originals of the images used in the exhibition still exist in an old photo album and we have been allowed to see and scan the full album and got insightful commentaries by the volunteers of the memorial.

Once we arrived at camp Ferramonti di Tarsia we were greeted by Simone and Sara, they helped us figure out where the different photos might have been taken utilizing the wooden model of the camp. This will help us include the images in the 3D model as historically accurate as possible. 

My first task of the day was to finish the pre-planned drone flights. I had divided the area into four parts and was flying over each part three times to capture as many details as possible. While flying it is important for the drone pilot to focus on the flight, and because of this the guys have been taking turns assisting me with keeping track of cars, dogs and people that might interfere with the flight while I kept my eyes on the small dot in the sky.

Kasper had a few interior 3D scans left before joining me for the last flights. I utilized this time by flying over the museum area a few times to record videos, as we think moving images might be useful and add value to the project. 

When we returned to the museum Chris was busy measuring and sketching every inch of the museum, and Kasper quickly joined him. Jakob was busy with the photo album, scanning the photos and adding subtext to them to unravel the stories of persons, objects, places, subjects and their connections.

As I had finished my planned flights for the trip I now had time to capture some extra images and decided to take a panorama of the mountains surrounding the area to include in the 3D model.

We were pleasantly surprised when the museum workers interrupted our work with local pastries as it turned out to be Sara’s birthday. Meeting the volunteers has been a great experience and it is clear they are very passionate about the work they do. After the cake Kasper showed the volunteers some of the 3D models we already had finished, and continued outside to get a group photo with the volunteers in front of the Ferramonti Memorial sign, and took the opportunity to take the photo with the drone.

We rounded up the day with some excellent Italian gelato and pizza for dinner.

As for my part in this story the images are ready to be stitched into a finished 3D model of the entire camp site and we will then connect this with the interior scans and add valuable details provided by Chris and Jakob.


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