Project Deliverables

Deliverable   Deliverable Name Lead Delivery Date 
D1.1 Management and Administration guidelines SDU 24 Mar 23 
D8.1 Communication and dissemination plan BB 31 Mar 23 
D8.2 Online platforms established BB 31 Mar 23 
D1.2 Data Management Plan SDU 31 Mar 23 
D9.1 H – Requirement No. 1 SDU 31 Mar 23 
D9.2 POPD – Requirement No. 2 SDU 31 Mar 23 
D1.3 Risk and mitigation plan SDU 30 May 23 
D9.3 AI – Requirement No. 3 SDU 29 Jun 23 
D9.4 OEI – Requirement No. 7 SDU 29 Jun 23 
D1.4 Policy Brief SDU 29 Sep 23 
D5.1 Module for user state acquisition and estimation: relevant system indicators, high-level features SRU 29 Sep 23 
D7.1 Ethics and Best-practice guideline for virtual engagement with HNP HUJI 29 Sep 23 

Scientific Publications

Exploring Life in Concentration Camps through a Visual Analysis of Prisoners’ Diaries

Khulusi, R.; Billib, S.; Jänicke, S. Exploring Life in Concentration Camps through a Visual Analysis of Prisoners’ Diaries. Information 2022, 13, 54.

Diaries are private documentations of people’s lives. They contain descriptions of events, thoughts, fears, and desires. While diaries are usually kept in private, published ones, such as the diary of Anne Frank, show that they bear the potential to give personal insight into events and into the emotional impact on their authors. We present a visualization tool that provides insight into the Bergen-Belsen memorial’s diary corpus, which consists of dozens of diaries written by concentration camp prisoners. We designed a calendar view that documents when authors wrote about concentration camp life. Different modes support quantitative and sentiment analyses, and we provide a solution for historians to create thematic concepts that can be used for searching and filtering for specific diary entries. The usage scenarios illustrate the importance of the tool for researchers and memorial visitors as well as for commemorating the Holocaust.

– Richard Khulusi

Read the full publication here