MEMORISE’s Code of Conduct

“Accessing Heritage related to Nazi Persecution – Diversity & Inclusion in the Development and Design of Digital Projects”

As an international and interdisciplinary research project, MEMORISE is committed to creating an inclusive digital environment in which the tangible and intangible Heritage related to Nazi Persecution (HNP) is universally accessible as part of a shared and multi-layered heritage. We acknowledge the dual nature of digital technology: its immense potential to facilitate new avenues for engagement with, and exploration of, HNP through the lens of Diversity & Inclusion, as well as the new ethical challenges it presents. Our approach is therefore informed by the principle of ‘design for all’ which we apply to the digital realm in order to enhance digital literacy and empower users to actively engage with historical and heritage narratives of Nazi persecution in ways that highlight the transnational and cross-generational dimension of HNP. Guided by the ‘design for all’ principle, our digital applications address the varied needs of diverse users across ages and locations, and cover a comprehensive array of conceptual, methodological, and curatorial strategies. Their user-centric intuitive design consciously avoids the over-categorization of victims and counters discriminatory racial divisions, offering accessible language, multilingual options, and providing multiple points of contact with HNP that resonate with the experiences of individuals and groups from the past and in today’s world.

We view the development of a diversity and inclusion-driven digital environment as an ongoing journey. We remain dedicated to continual learning, adaptation, feedback, and further exploration in our endeavor to establish a truly welcoming digital culture.